Recent News

Contract Awarded for “Stack N Go” Project

Camalor Mfg. Inc. has been awarded a contract to design and manufacture a hard-plastic dolly in a recycling blue color scheme to aid in the storage, organization and mobility of recycle boxes. Camalor will develop the product based on sketches and models supplied by the inventor Mike Ralph. The product will have eight inch wheels to negotiate stars and curbs along with three adjustable shelves to suit various sizes and configurations of recycle boxes. The recycle boxes will be stacked vertically to minimize floor space requirements and to protect loose recyclables from the wind.

Home Hardware is the chosen retailer for the first production lots followed by two to three national retailers in Canada and at least one in the United States. More information is available at “Stack N Go” web site.

Camalor adds AIM AFC8-3D Wire Bender

Camalor Mfg. Inc. has purchased and installed a new three dimensional CNC wire bender to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and complementing existing manufacturing processes. AIM's AFC8 programmable CNC steel wire bending machines have revolutionized the engineering of wire bending. The AccuForm line of equipment not only increases productivity, but they are simple to operate. Advanced servo technology enables the machines to operate at very high speeds without sacrificing accuracy and repeatability.

These machines take wire directly from coil, straighten it, bend it, and cut it to create wire products designed with the use of our software package that provides flexibility and simplicity in setup.

The accuracy and repeatability of our machine is exceptional.  Parabolic and S-curve positioning profile gives smoother acceleration and deceleration minimizing shape distortion while achieving higher speeds at the minimum possible power.

On our "Four Wheel Drive" feeders all four rollers are driven allowing the machine to feed the wire with lower pressure, which means no marking on the wire and capability of tighter radii generation. Using V-groove rollers we are able to cover more than one wire diameter per groove and by using two V-grooves per roller we double that capacity.

Software Animation and Machine simulation utility allows Camalor personnel to view an animated production simulation of a part before the machine even produces it! This way we can easily verify the programs for mistakes and errors and provide accurate cycle times and price.  A Collision detection feature is added, so that the user can prevent program miscalculations and rearrange part flow for optimum production without problems.

Wire Range for the AFC8 is 2mm – 8mm (0.080” – 0.313”) with a maximum wire tensile at maximum wire diameter of 80 kPSI. With unlimited Arm (Z-Axis) rotation, your imagination is our only limitation! Please contact Marc Fortin at if you have a requirement for this machine.

Camalor adds Star-Bend 450 CN6GI

Camalor Mfg. Inc. has purchased and installed the latest Star-Bend 450 CN6GI tube bending machine. The Star 450 bender with its compact size, robust design and bending capacity is suitable for a variety of industrial sectors such as the furniture, automotive, agricultural, marine, and aerospace industries. With ample under the head working space, a variety of designs can be accommodated in one setup; continuous run.

The new electronic bending machine with 6 axis numerical control can produce parts with ever increasing radii via the bend arm, and rotation of the tube while bending. This ability along with double stacked tooling will permit numerous radii on the same piece. The machine is designed to maximize the performance-price ratio per part either in tube, solid bars or metal profiles. Customer requirements for strength, speed, accuracy, and reliability equate to low cost, lower minimum runs and flexibility with the Star-Bend 450 machine.

If you have an application or require a quote, please contact Marc Fortin at for further information.