Camalor offers a refreshing alternative…

Modern facilities centrally located in the heart of industrial North America.

Excellent road, rail, air and sea transportation.

Distribution to major markets: direct ship or to your warehouse.

A loyal, stable, skilled, flexible, and experienced workforce.

Long-term relationships with quality suppliers both domestic and international.

An experienced and innovative management team.

A proven record: quality, price, and delivery.

Efficiency translating to real cost reductions.

Our History...

Camalor Mfg. Inc. is a ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturing facility, established in 1998 to provide a new sourcing option: a reliable, flexible manufacturing company, supplying products and components that are defect-free, low-cost, high-quality and delivered on time.

With major corporations and businesses restructuring and re-engineering their manufacturing, the Camalor team recognized the need for acceptable alternatives, and Camalor Mfg. Inc. was created.

The management and employees of Camalor have worked together to assure the seamless continued supply of existing product lines at an advantageous cost. Our combined resources enable us to manage our customer's projects from raw materials to high-quality completed products.